Terms of Use


  • for "Legal notices": The terms and conditions.
  • for "Website" or "site": The http://www.weathertecheurope.com/uk/ and the http://www.weathertecheurope.com/uk/ homepage and the web pages contained within, or other collected information and/or applications managed or provided by WeatherTech Direct, LLC and accessed using computerized tools such as PCs, laptops, handhelds, cell phones, digital cameras, television equipment, or other network devices for wired or wireless networks.
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  • for "Visitor" or "user": any person who accesses the website, with or without permission from WeatherTech Direct, LLC, or anyone who uses said site, whether or not they have "registered".
  • for "Framing": Inclusion of the "served" (linked) page belonging to a certain site within the structure of another "served" (linking) site.
  • for "Deep link": A direct link, contained on a website, to a specific page on another site that bypasses its homepage.

Procedures and conditions for using the website

Anyone visiting this website or using it any manner accepts, without restrictions, to be bound by the conditions specified below. Anyone who does not accept these terms or does not intend to be bound by them should not consider to be authorized to access, use, or download material from this site.

WeatherTech Direct, LLC reserves the right to update or modify these conditions and the procedures for accessing its website at any time without prior notice. In the event of changes to the conditions, accessing this website implies consent to respect the conditions as modified.

Applicable law

All content published or provided on the website, including its selection and organization as well as the arrangement and design of the website, are protected by privacy law (Italian Legislative Decree 30/6/2003, #196), copyright law (Law 22/4/1941, #633, as amended by Italian Legislative Decree 29/12/1992 #518 on Legal protection of software), and by other national and international intellectual and industrial property law, along with any amendments and supplements.

Content and purpose of the site

The content of the website has been examined with respect for Italian law and European Union directives, including those on the protection of literary and artistic works, and it is intended for national and international users. The purpose of the site is to publish news regarding the WeatherTech Direct, LLC company, and the Group to which it belongs, on the internet for informative and advertising purposes, as well as to provide online services.

WeatherTech Direct, LLC confirms that:

  • It implements procedures to ensure standards of accuracy, completeness, suitability, updating, and timeliness of the information on its website.
  • It commits to eliminating any technical or typographical errors that may occur as quickly as possible.
  • At all times, it reserves the right to alter its content and the functional and operational procedures of the website and the services it offers at its own discretion and without prior notice.
  • It cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, errors, or updating delays.

The content and all its elements may only be reproduced (including partially or citing the source) with advance written notice from WeatherTech Direct, LLC.

Regulations for using site content

  1. Authorized activities

    Access to the website and its content, as a registered or unregistered visitor, is only allowed for the purposes permitted by WeatherTech Direct, LLC and as indicated on this website. The site and the data it contains may be consulted or utilized for personal use only (such as for personal information, research, or study).

  2. Prohibited activities

    The user may not utilize or cause third parties to utilize the website and the data it contains for commercial purposes. Therefore, any economic utilization or commercial use by any user is strictly prohibited, unless contractually agreed in advance in writing with WeatherTech Direct, LLC. In all cases, the following are prohibited:
    • modifications to the website or any of its content or access procedures;
    • behaviors that constitute a crime under current law (e.g., cybercrime, such as illegally accessing a computer system);
    • behavior intended to split parts or sections of this website and/or to incorporate them into other third-party websites, to alter, copy, reproduce, republish, load from a program, make public, transmit, or distribute such content in any manner, in whole or in part, including codes and software without the prior consent of WeatherTech Direct, LLC, or in violation of these conditions;
    • attempts to access reserved areas of the website without authorization;
    • uploading destructive computer programs, files or other materials with disruptive features such as viruses, manipulated files, "hidden" files (such as images into which audio files have been integrated), worms, Trojan horses or bots for scrolling or launching multiple screens, and for any other activities which are, in general, capable of interfering with the integrity, functionality or online communications of the website;
    • in general, any use that results in damage, interruption, or limitation of this website or its services, or has the potential to do so;
    • any unauthorized gathering of the personal information of third parties (e.g. e-mail addresses) through the website.

  3. Prohibited activities – Consequences

    Without prejudice to any right, authority, or power belonging to third parties, WeatherTech Direct, LLC reserves the right to take legal action should any prohibited activities occur.

    If violations of the website's conditions of use are detected, WeatherTech Direct, LLC reserves the right to take any corrective measures without prior notice, including preventing the visitor/user from accessing the website and its services and removing any material placed there by said visitor/user, without assuming any direct or indirect responsibility. WeatherTech Direct, LLC commits to collaborating fully with all competent authorities, including in order to promptly identify those responsible for any breach of the law.

Connections to other websites

The WeatherTech Direct, LLC website may contain links to other websites belonging to third parties.

By following links to other websites, users voluntarily leave the WeatherTech Direct, LLC site and are directed to pages on the web outside this website. WeatherTech Direct, LLC commits to requesting authorization in advance before linking to any third-party website. Users who decide to access other linked websites assume all risks that this decision entails. WeatherTech Direct, LLC is not responsible for the content of any websites that may be accessible through links that are not under the control of WeatherTech Direct, LLC. Without prejudice to agreements with third parties, WeatherTech Direct, LLC reserves the right to remove any link or linking program at any time.

Any user who wishes to include a link to this website on their homepage must first request authorization from WeatherTech Direct, LLC by submitting their request in writing to its offices in via Pier Carlo Cadoppi 9, Reggio Emilia. WeatherTech Direct, LLC reserves the right to evaluate the request and grant authorization at its sole discretion; WeatherTech Direct, LLC further reserves the right to act pursuant to the law against any person who introduces links that have not been authorized in advance. So-called "deep linking" is prohibited: all links to this website should lead directly to the homepage of the website and must disclose that this website and its content are separate from the website containing the link; they must also disclose that WeatherTech Direct, LLC owns and operates this site, without any sharing of content from the site that created the link. Similarly, use of the "framing" technique is also prohibited.


Neither WeatherTech Direct, LLC (which for the purposes of this section should be understood to include its administrators, auditors, directors, employees, agents, and WeatherTech Direct, LLC consultants), nor any other WeatherTech Direct, LLC licensee may be held responsible for actions and/or damages that may be caused to the user and/or third parties from using this website and/or its content.. WeatherTech Direct, LLC cannot be held liable for any actions and/or damage which may be caused by any steps it legitimately takes in order to address the aforementioned prohibited activities. Furthermore, WeatherTech Direct, LLC cannot be held liable for problems encountered by the user rising from interruptions, suspensions, delays, or malfunctions in providing the service resulting from the supply of electricity or telephone/telecommunication services, or other technical means by which the content is transmitted, and for which WeatherTech Direct, LLC is not responsible. Despite its consistent efforts to improve the services it offers, WeatherTech Direct, LLC cannot be held liable to third parties with regard to the accuracy or current status of the content of this website.